Founded in 2001, with the support of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, ArtSpace-Cleveland is dedicated to helping artists find studio space to live and work in the city of Cleveland. The organization has a clear vision of how a viable artist community can is an economic generator.  ArtSpace-Cleveland receives inquiries from recent college graduates, artists wanting to relocate to an artist community, and artists that want affordable live/work space.

Live/Work Overlay Zoning District Ordinance

In 2001, Councilman Joe Cimperman and ArtSpace-Cleveland assisted the city of Cleveland to establish the city’s Live/Work Overlay Zoning Ordinance to  promote shared artist live/work activities in buildings formerly zoned industrial.  The St. Clair Superior area (East 18 to East 55) became the city’s first designated Live/Work Overlay District.  This designation created a significant change in a once blighted area into a thriving artist community.

ArtSpace-Cleveland receives support from The Greater Cleveland Partnership, Cleveland Community Development, St. Clair Superior CDC, Campus District, Dominion East Ohio, Community Partnership for Arts and Culture,  Forest City Enterprises, Prizm – The Artist Supply Store, Artists and Building Owners (Loft Works, 5340 Hamilton and Tower Press LLC).