I Found U in the Yellow Pages

This is what artists say when they call ArtSpace-Cleveland seeking studio space. Since 1998 the ArtSpace-Cleveland focus is to help artists find studio space, match building owners with artists and promote living in the city of Cleveland.

Who’s Looking?

– AB purchased a warehouse to convert to artist live/work; needs information on zoning and building codes.
– GM a student at CIA, needs a studio space for painting – he’s messy.
– MH is a textile artist interested in a live-work space.
– SM found ASC in the yellow pages. Looking for Art Classes.
– CY’s boyfriend needs a studio space.
– AC is a recent graduate (Digital Arts) looking to relocate to either Cleveland, Pittsburgh or Buffalo. Wants to know what the digital art scene is in Cleveland.
– EV Bishoff purchased the Citizen’s Building corner of East 9th & Euclid. Seeking artists to rent affordable studio space.
– GR Printmaker – wants a live/work studio in the Superior St. Clair area.
– OF needs a studio to paint outside his home.
– RW, artist/musician/ arranger, needs a studio space outside of his home.
– BT attended the Cityscape Conference at CWRU and wants to move from Detroit to Cleveland.
– DJ is a printmaker living in Chicago, originally from Cleveland. Chicago is not the vital environment it was when he went there; too congested.
– AU is a costume designer, needs an artist live/work studio in a safe neighborhood.
– Photographer WC recently moved to Cleveland from NYC and needs more space at an affordable price.
– GJ, watercolor/acrylic artist is interested in owning a live/work studio.
– AW wants to move into a live/work space in the St. Clair Superior neighborhood.
– SM is living in a small apartments and needs a studio space to possibly live there.
– DD found ASC from the Cleveland Heights Housing Office. Needs a studio space ASAP for an upcoming exhibit.
– LO getting ready for a show at several galleries and needs a small studio space.
– TW is a jeweler using her apartment as a studio – needs a larger space.
– LH, building owner, would like to rent a live/work space to artists, businesses or anyone looking for a versatile space.
– MH Is looking for a live/work space to own in the city of Cleveland.